Our customers are realizing the competitive advantage that comes with savings achieved through economies of scale. Why continue to do it on your own when your competitors are reducing their costs and risk by outsourcing to ICE?

ICE offers proven, cost efficient music copyright management solutions. We deliver services using a state-of-the-art multi-territory and multi-right agreements-based system. Quality and accuracy are our focus.

Thanks to our experience with the 'on-boarding' of new customers and data migrations programs, ICE follows a formal customer implementation process alongside an established introduction project cycle. From initial discussions, starting with an in-depth feasibility study and customer requirements analysis - ICE ensures service excellence from the earliest stage of the customer on-boarding process.

ICE can provide business, copyright and IT expertise according to your needs. ICE offers copyright knowledge in customer internal projects and customer representation in society/publisher forums such as CISAC groups and meetings, as well as copyright training, copyright related analysis exercises, and special projects.

ICE can deliver customised reports on an ad-hoc basis. This service can be of value to our customers as it facilitates data analysis where access to ICE data elements is needed.

ICE provides custom quality checks where, for example, special attention is required for charted or other high-value works.

ICE offers one-off or regular special processing and services outside our routine business services, such as data clean-up due to policy changes etc.