About us

ICE is the result of a big vision for the industry and is the fruition of a partnership that harnesses years of combined experience in the multi-territory music market.

Our parent organisations are Collective Management Organisations (CMOs) PRS, STIM and GEMA. We actively encourage collaboration between other CMOs, music publishers and digital service providers to ensure composers and songwriters are compensated accurately and fairly for the use of their works.

We represent over 290,000 rightsholders alone through PRS, STIM and GEMA, covering multiple territories across the world. Our copyright database holds 32 million musical works and we process over 3 million new registrations every year. Since 2016, we have distributed over 546 million euros to our online licensing customers.

We’re based in the UK, Germany and Sweden.

What Makes ICE Unique

Our aggregated music repertoire is the largest in Europe.  We offer a flexible suite of multi-territory licensing, business intelligence reporting, processing and matching services which run from the most authoritative copyright database.

Our operating efficiency and streamlined processes are used to reduce costs. We exist to provide the best value possible to our rightsholders. We’re here to collaborate with our customers and help create a better future for the music industry.