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If you are operating an online music service you will need to secure permission to use music in the form of a licence.

We deal fairly with prospective, new and existing licensees in accordance with the terms of our licences, our licensing policy and by clearly explaining music licensing requirements and the information we need you to provide.

If you are operating, or plan to launch, a multi-territory music service with annual revenues of less than €250,000 in total, please complete the form below. If your service has projected or actual revenues of more than €250,000 per annum, please contact us.

We are committed to providing you accessible information on the rights covered by our licences and the territories they are available in. When we receive all your relevant information we will, without undue delay, offer you a licence or give reasons explaining why we cannot offer you a licence.

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Please complete our online licensing form and we will get back to you shortly. If you experience any problems, or have questions please see our ICE Direct FAQs or contact us.

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