ICE is the result of a big vision for the industry that harnesses years of combined experience in the multi-territory music market.

We are a joint venture between PRS, STIM and GEMA and actively encourage collaboration between other CMOs, music publishers and digital service providers to ensure composers and songwriters are compensated accurately and fairly for the use of their works.

We’re based in the UK, Germany and Sweden.

What makes ICE unique?

Our aggregated music repertoire is the largest in Europe.  We offer a flexible suite of services including copyright administration, multi-territory online licensing and processing.

We adopt a not-for-profit business model, in line with our parent companies, with cost-effective and streamlined processes. We exist to provide the best value possible to our rightsholders and collaborate with all our customers to help create a better future for the music industry.

History in brief

With eleven years’ experience as ICE and decades more through our parent companies, our collective industry knowledge has enabled us to develop initiatives that not only benefit our own customers, but the wider industry. We are dedicated in providing the best service and increasing value to rightsholders and their members.

▷  2010 Following extensive development based on an initiative by PRS and STIM, their joint Copyright database launched – ICE was born.

▷  2012 GEMA joined the joint venture to help develop our vision.

▷  2015 Our integrated processing hub, including online licensing, launched.

▷  2018 We continue to work with our shareholders and customers on various initiatives to further increase value back to rightsholders.