Digitalisation and the trend towards the consumption of AV content online has increased the already challenging task of tracking, collecting and processing the use of copyright music in AV productions that are often distributed globally.

Our AV database will be the authoritative source of production and cue sheet data for the industry and will be linked to our authoritative copyright data to support the accurate compensation of rightsholders.

Based on the same technology as Cube, the cloud native service will collect, manage and consolidate AV data from multiple sources into a common master view according to a highly automated and flexible set of data processing rules.


Our AV service:

▷ Protects revenues: Enables rightsholders to ensure that the correct music has been identified for AV Productions

▷ Increases efficiency: Work identifying, obtaining, and completing Cue Sheets is performed once

▷ Reduces IT Costs: Costs for running and enhancing the AV platform are shared across all customers

▷ Increases Accuracy: Timely direct access to Cue Sheet data of other customers

▷ Increases Transparency: Full audit and traceability of all data added and updated in the AV database.