We are the world’s first multi-territorial copyright hub and provide multi-territory, multi-rights, copyright administration services for our Collective Management Organisation (CMO) customers.

Having launched in 2010, we have more than 10 years experience processing copyright data. Our 7 society customers represent over two thirds of the European market and our database of over 50 million works is the most trusted and authoritative in the world.

ICE Data Policy

Our Berlin based team of Copyright experts specialise in consolidating incoming copyright data from multiple sources to provide a single source of the truth for the industry.

The ICE Data Policy provides a commonly agreed set of rules governing this work and is the foundation of what we do. Most importantly, it has been developed in conjunction with rightsholders.


Our CMO customers benefit from our economies of scale and the knowledge that their data is processed in an accurate and consistent way, according to the rules that they have agreed. This enables increased accuracy of distributions to rightsholders and ensures that their rights are represented accurately in other territories.

Our Copyright customers include: