The ICE Core is the market-leading representation for rightsholders of all scales, with deals covering many DSPs and territories.

The integrated hub services ensure effective and efficient royalty flows, whilst our BI (Business Intelligence) tool and expert data analysts keep you close to market developments.

The ICE Core features:

  • A dedicated team of category specialists
  • Advanced Ingestion and Matching
  • Invoicing and calculation services
  • DSP Audits
  • Analytics
  • Strong repertoire from our growing range of major CMO and publisher customers
  • As part of an integrated hub, the ICE Core licensing service provides customers with access to all the additional benefits of our best-in-class processing service

It’s the complete collection model, all delivered to customers for a low commission rate.


Information on commission fees

The commission fee is deducted as part of the transparent pay-out process, i.e. when passing royalties collected to the customer for onward distribution.

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