We provide a multi-territory one-stop licensing solution for digital service providers (DSPs) covering the online rights owned or controlled by a range of Societies and publishers who collectively have over 330,000 members.

We streamline the multi-territory licensing process enabling the exploitation of a growing pool of our repertoire under a single licence: the ICE Core. Our represented repertoire will continue to grow as other collecting societies and publishers become customers.

The ICE Core Licence

We offer various licences depending upon requirements, however our ICE Core Licence covers millions of musical works, across hundreds of territories covering our Collective Management Organisations (CMOs) and music publishing customers’ repertoires.

Our Core customers include:
Need a Licence?

If you are operating, or plan to launch, a multi-territory music service with actual or projected annual revenues of less than €250,000 in total, please complete our licence application form using the button below.

If your service has projected, or actual revenues of more than €250,000 per annum please contact us.