What is ICE?

Our Mission

To enable our customers to fairly and accurately compensate authors, composers and publishers on an international basis.

Our Vision

To be the most authoritative and trusted provider of music royalties administration services in the world.

Streamlined Multi-Territory Licensing

We set out to streamline multi-territory online music licensing, to make it easier for digital service providers to obtain the licences they need. This also makes it easier for the rightsholders we represent to have access to digital service providers, creating greater efficiency for all and build long-term customer relationships.

Data Accuracy

Our authoritative copyright database holds over 43 million works, ensures minimal disputes and provides highly accurate data via our complete and simplified solution.

Over 9.2 billion online usages have been processed since 2016. Our high match rates average 95% and we’re continuously improving.

Global Reach

Our services span over 160 territories, with the best technology to embrace increasing global market data.

Bespoke Services

We offer a flexible suite of multi-territory online music licensing, business intelligence reporting, online processing and copyright services.

We work collaboratively with our customers, in fact, we were created by some of our customers! Since then, we have grown as a company in our own right, but our mission remains the same.

We believe in a fair industry and accurate remuneration so that we, through our rightsholders, are able to ensure a healthy future for songwriters and composers.