Our Online Licensing service launched in March 2016. Since then we have paid millions in royalty payments back to our rightsholder customers.

Our Core Licence is a multi-territory licence for digital service providers, enabling them to use our rightsholder customers’ repertoire.

We have licensed 50+ services to date, covering 160+ territories worldwide.

We processed over 11 trillion streams and downloads in 2017.

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Key Benefits to Music Streaming Providers:

▷   Reduced licence fragmentation and greater diversity of repertoire in licenses

▷   Reduction in disputes, delays and incorrect invoices

▷   Equal access and non-discriminatory licensing terms

▷   Increased licence coverage

▷   Reduction in usage reports required

▷   Increased speed, accuracy & efficiency

▷   Decreased effort for licensees to add repertoires to their music catalogue

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Key Benefits to Core rightsholder customers:

▷   Thanks to our economies of scale and efficiency, we charge low commission rate

▷   We never have hidden charges

▷   We cover 50+ music services and 160+ territories

▷   Our accuracy results in fewer disputes and so money gets returned to rightsholders faster

▷   We offer full transparency and collaboration on our deals involving your rights

▷   Our BI tool shows line level granularity for royalties processed with additional insights into market shares across territories

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